BrutusPvP Public Alpha Information

Firestar311 Jun 26, 2017

  1. Firestar311

    Firestar311 Lead Developer Staff Member Praetor (Co-Owner)

    Hello all, as there is some confusion about the server and it's state, I thought I would make this post to help clear things up.
    First and foremost is the fact that BrutusPvP is not whitelisted and anyone can join the server. The IP is
    You may explore the server, build, create a town and all survival based activities. However, being in Alpha also means bugs and new features will be added on a regular basis. This also means that donor ranks are not setup yet and will not be allowed to be bought until some legal stuff is taken care of first.

    I am the developer of the server and work a lot on new features for the server.
    That said, there are often reloads or restarts when I am online. Please keep this in mind.
    If you see me on the server and am not responsive, this is because I am usually coding or fixing a bug. This is not because I am ignoring your, but just because I am rather busy.

    I have quite a large todo list for features for the server, but you you have some, please post it in the suggestion section on the forums.

    Currently the plan is to stay in Alpha for a while until the server is more stable and a good amount of core features have been implemented.

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